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Lottery New York Results Winning Numbers

ny numbers midday
Numbers Midday
6 5 2 13
ny numbers evening
Numbers Evening
0 3 0 3

new york lotto results, numbers ny results

new york numbers results

The Number midday and evening is a draw for the New York Lottery. This game is made by selecting three numbers from 0 to 9, then choose the type of game whether it is straight, box, straight / box or combined.

- Straight: Paste the numbers in the exact order. - Box: Match the numbers in any order. - Straight / Cashier: With this option you can win whether you hit the numbers in order or not. - Combined: Here you can play all possible combinations, increasing the chances of hitting regardless of the order. - Matching Games: This is another option, but with a separate bet, which allows you to choose two numbers to match it, with the front pair (the first two digits) or the back pair (the last two digits).

In you can check the results of the previous draws by simply clicking on the draw you wish to see.

Schedule: The Numbers Day raffle is held every day at 12:30 pm. And 7:30pm