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ny win4 midday
Win4 Midday
3 7 5 9 24
ny win4 evening
Win4 Evening
9 3 3 6 21

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Win 4 Lottery Results NY

To play on Win 4 Midday and evening, you must select four numbers from 0 to 9, then indicate the type of game: straight, box, straight / box or combined. If you are not sure what move to make, you can ask for the automatic selection option.

Game types: straight, box, straight / box, combined or couple games, which are performed as follows:

- Straight or Direct: Paste the numbers in exact order. - Box: Match the numbers in any order. - Straight / Cashier: By choosing this option you earn whether you hit the numbers in their exact order or earn what the Cashier offers if you paste it in any order. - Combined: With this option you achieve all possible combinations on a ticket, so you can match their numbers with the winners regardless of the order. - Matching Games: This is another option, but with a separate bet, which allows you to choose two numbers to match it, with the front pair (the first two digits) or the back pair (the last two digits).

The results of the previous draws can be consulted by simply clicking on the calendar located at the top next to "Previous Results". In addition to showing the results of the last five draws of Wind 4 Half Day.

Schedule: The Wind 4 Half Day draw is held every day at 12:30 pm. and 7:30pm